Amigurumi Pelle Pinguin
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Pelle the penguin – crochet pattern (english)


Amigurumi Penguin

Meet Pelle – He comes from a very cold place, where there is nothing other than snow, ice, and of course, other penguins. Pelle, however, is a little different. In his pouch he carries all sorts of tools and materials, ready for any moment where he might be needed to fix something, or invent something entirely new. The other penguins find it a little strange, but more often than not they gather in amazement around Pelle’s latest and craziest new creation.
Once, on one of his long expeditions to find new materials to build with, Pelle stumbled across an old abandoned ship. On this ship, he saw images of islands with golden beaches and tall palm trees. From that moment forth, Pelle has wanted to see these things for himself. Luckily for him, he is a smart little penguin and he has managed to think up a way to leave his home of ice and snow and discover the big, wide world….

In Pelle’s small pouch, you can keep all sorts of things, including small messages or presents. Pelle’s pouch is a perfect place for your child to put their tooth for the Tooth Fairy to collect, and has the advantage of keeping both the tooth and the gift from the Tooth Fairy safe.
In addition to the Amigurumi Pelle, we have also created one of his friends in the form of a comforter. The idea is simple but ingenious: Combined as a birthday gift, the cuddly comforter is perfect and the Amigurumi finds a friend!

Size: 10 cm high, 12 cm wide

Difficulty level: Medium. Suitable for beginners with a bit more experience


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